Other Ways to Watch

    IPTV - (Internet Protocol Television)

    This is a relatively new delivery method for television. There are many locations that do not have this service currently in our broadcast area, but it is a growing idea and we anticipate that this will continue to grow in popularity and availability as well.
    Currently, AT&T U-Verse is the only provider carrying WLMB-TV 40.


    CHANNEL 40
    Covering Toledo
    and some of the surrounding suburbs*
    *Service from AT&T U-Verse will depend on your street address.
    Contact AT&T for more information about service availability for your location.

    Mobile Devices

    If your mobile device can play a windows media stream, (ie. devices with windows mobile operating systems) you may be able to watch WLMB's live web stream on your mobile device. However, the WLMB webstream does not carry some of our regular programs due to copyright laws. We currently do not have a service in place to stream WLMB to certain mobile devices including Blackberries, iPhones, and devices unable to play a windows webstream.