WLMB Signal Facts

    WLMB is a full power broadcast station and is available to be received over the air using an antenna. In order to receive WLMB with an antenna there are 3 important things you must know.
    1. WLMB is being broadcast on Channel 5. if your TV has found WLMB using a channel scan, it will show up on your TV as channel 40-1 and 40-2. If your TV doesn't find WLMB automatically, you will need to tune your TV to channel 5-1 in order to try to find it for the first time.

    2. Our Transmitter is located in Jasper Michigan. The closer you are to Jasper Michigan, the more likely you are to be able to receive WLMB using an antenna.

    3. A new "DTV Antenna" is not necessary. In order to receive all local broadcast channels including WLMB, you will need an antenna that is a VHF and UHF antenna. Most "DTV Antennas" are UHF only, and will not work to receive all channels in the Toledo area.

    For more information, visit our FAQs and Tips and Suggestions pages to help you receive WLMB using an antenna.